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Several Palfinger Products to Debut at ConExpo

Several Palfinger Products to Debut at ConExpo

Palfinger, Niagara Falls, Ontario, will launch several products and introduce the newest family member to the North American market at the 2011 ConExpo-Con/Agg show. The company’s new P 333 all-terrain aerial platform is the world’s largest, with a working height of 337 feet. This machine grew out of customers’ needs for the highest possible working height in assembly and maintenance work on wind turbines, chemical plants, antennas, high-rise buildings, church steeples, and other tall structures and objects.

Designed as a telescopic access platform with a five-section lower boom, and three-section upper boom, it is also equipped with an agile fly-boom. Telescopic stabilizers guarantee maximum stability, and a heavy-duty personnel basket makes loads up to 1322 pounds possible. The hydraulically extendable telescopic basket carries loads up to 1168 pounds.

The Pal Pro mechanics trucks launched earlier this year will be making their appearance at ConExpo. Produced in Council Bluffs, Iowa, the Pal Pro product line includes a variety of telescopic cranes with capacities ranging from 43,000 foot-pounds to 86,000 foot-pounds each with 29 feet of hydraulic reach. Three models are designed for rugged applications utilizing Omaha Standard Palfinger’s e-coating capabilities and three rotary screw and piston air compressors with air outputs of 35-60 CFM.

Palfinger will also unveil the HAD 500 hookloader, the first 25-ton capacity hookloader manufactured in the United States by Palfinger American Roll-off in Trenton, N.J. This power house can handle containers of different lengths, while its jib can be adjusted to handle different a-frame heights.

Partnered with the Palfinger HAD 500 is the Epsilon waste crane. The Epsilon Z model allows the operator to fold and stow the crane during transport without disconnecting the attachment. The series comprises more than 40 base models resulting in 100-plus configurations and capacities ranging from 2 tons to 10 tons with reaches beyond 30 feet.

Palfinger’s new PK 34002-SH, the “-SH” crane, represents a completely new articulating crane concept, combining lightweight construction, power, maneuverability, ease of maintenance, and controllability. The control concept is a new system that guarantees maximum safety, comfort and functionality, thanks to the interaction between electronics and hydraulics.

Palfinger has concentrated all its loading crane technology in the PK 34002-SH, and equipped it with a continuous slewing system, a maintenance-free boom system, functional design elements, and Power Link Plus.

At the top of the company’s heavy-duty crane class will be the PK 150002 Performance crane, which is equipped with HPLS, Paltronic 50, Power Link Plus, Integrated Stability Control and Dual Power System.

Palfinger will also have their model PK 40002-EH on display in the live demonstration area at the show. This workhorse is equipped with a dual-drive continuous slewing system, maintenance-free extension boom system, functional design elements, and Power Link Plus.

The company’s Crayler family of truck-mounted forklifts will also be on display. Palfinger offers a wide range with high horsepower and technological advances. These compact forklifts have a conical frame design which allows for a variety of mounting solutions including 48’ trailers, 25’ bodies or even mounting on top of the transport deck. Their lighter weight ensures maximum payload for every delivery. On arrival at the job site, the forklift is easy to dismount and is ready to work in less than a minute.

MBB-Palfingers’ ILK Cantilever Lift will be on display as well. The lift’s unique design and compact construction allow for larger platform sizes and safer operation on trucks with low bed height. Created to serve as liftgate, rear door and adjustable dock plate, they are built for years of hard labor under the severest conditions. Features include a plug-in control system offering state-of-the-art operation, improved reliability, and faster installation times. The power pack offers increased performance and the platform is 100-percent welded and designed for the best corrosion resistance in the industry.

In March 2010, Palfinger acquired an 80-percent stake in Equipment Technology LLC (ETI), located in Oklahoma. ETI specializes in the manufacture of aerial equipment and bodies to meet the needs of industry professionals. The Las Vegas, Nev., event, to be held March 22-26, 2011, marks not only the first time this newest Palfinger family member exhibits with the rest of the family, but the first time ETI exhibits at the ConExpo show.


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