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Shinn Cranes to Offer Celtic Self Erectors in Northeast

Shinn Cranes, Lakewood, N.J., has become the first company in New Jersey to offer self-erecting tower cranes. The company will sell and rent the Celtic self-erecting cranes, which are made in Ireland.

“We are the only dealer for these in all of New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania,” said Kenny Shinn. “I think there is going to be growing demand for self-erecting cranes because the cost of purchasing, renting and operating them is less compared to conventional and hydraulic cranes.”

Unlike conventional and hydraulic cranes, the self-erecting cranes run on electricity produced by a generator attached to the crane base. They can run all day on 5 or 6 gallons of diesel fuel. Lighter than hydraulic cranes, they are transported by a standard truck tractor and consume less fuel getting to the jobsite as well.

“From an environmental standpoint, they burn less fuel so they produce lower emissions and less noise pollution,” Shinn said.

The compact self-erecting crane arrives at the jobsite completely intact. With a push of a button the crane tower rises in an accordion motion to a height of 60 feet, making it useful on structures up to four or five stories. The boom extending at a right angle from the top of the tower reaches out to 80 feet horizontally and turns a full 360 degrees. With a maximum lifting capacity of 4,400 pounds at a 40-foot radius and 1,650 pounds at the end of the 80-foot boom, the self-erecting crane can be used in all types of commercial and residential construction. It requires less than 15-by-8 feet of ground space, about half of the space needed by most cranes, so it can work in tight spaces such as alleyways between buildings.

“It’s a very unique piece of equipment. It rents cheaper than other cranes and anyone can be trained to operate,” Shinn said.


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