Shuttlelift’s New SB Series Crane to Debut at NPCA Show

Shuttlelift, Sturgeon Bay, Wis., will introduce a single-beam gantry crane at the February National Precast Concrete show in Phoenix, Ariz. The new single beam gantry crane has been dubbed the SB series. With manufactured components such as bridge beams and wind tower components being built to longer lengths, it has become commonplace to transport these items by tandem lifting.  With two cranes required for this lifting technique, the Shuttlelift SB series is an effective solution when used in tandem. The gantry crane can even be used in conjunction with a customer’s existing conventional rubber-tired gantry crane, regardless of brand. It can also be used as as an alternative to permanent overhead bridge cranes. The single-beam gantry only requires the door to be of sufficient size, with adequate headroom, to operate anywhere within the confines or outside of the building.

Possibly the best feature of all is that if a company outgrows its current facility, or it decides to relocate, the crane can be disassembled and moved to a new location. 

 “As always, we are looking for ways to accommodate the needs of our existing customers and offer new customers a thoughtfully designed and integrated solution for their lifting needs,” says Kurt Minten, Shuttlelift’s director of industrial sales. “We are particularly excited with this new concept and believe we are delivering value for money, again.”