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Smart-Rig Mini-Cranes are Small, Portable and Eco-Friendly

Designed for multi-purpose applications, the Smart-Rig Crane, Newport Beach, Calif., is a mini-crane small enough to roll through a standard doorway and fit inside an elevator when compact. The unit is battery operated and mobile, utilizing a hydraulic jack with a two-piece telescopic boom that can lift up to 2,400 pounds to a height of 20 feet. The machine also uses a counterweight water tank system which can be filled and drained easily.

Made in America, the Smart-Rig Crane is built like a tank and made to stand the test of time, according to the manufacturer. The small cranes have been utilized in HVAC, pipe, military, utility, schools, steel, fabrication, sewage plant, oil refinery, grain factory, farm, water park, building, port, cruise ship, cement masonry, and rental yard applications.

The Smart-Rig Crane can work in hard-to-reach places or where forklifts can't. Users also save money from renting or buying large rigging cranes and prevent injuries from daily bending and twisting, according to the company.


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