Smartorque Adjustable Frequency Control Enhances Crane Performance

Smartorque Adjustable Frequency Control from Morris Material Handling, Oak Creek, Wisc., offers the latest AC drive technology in an affordable, compact package to maximize the performance of overhead material handling systems. Smartorque combines high-efficiency variable speed drive and solid-state circuitry in a smaller footprint.The control’s frequency control boosts the efficiency and lifecycle value of existing and new installations. It is designed to enhance current operations, modernize aging cranes, update cranes to suit changing environments, and retrofit existing AC and DC cranes. An energy-saving and self-regulating drive system, it offers controlled smooth torque for precise load control and positioning. The control limits high inrush currents during start-up, lowering the demand on the motor and reducing power consumption.

A shielded power control section eliminates radio interference. Dynamic breaking reduces brake wear, with optional regeneration of dynamic braking energy to further improve the efficiency of the drive system. The control is equipped with patented self-monitoring systems to mitigate the chances of accidents while lifting, transporting, and spotting loads.

The device’s Deviation Detection Circuitry and software system monitors all movements to prevent load free-fall, and its Torque Proving Circuitry ensures sufficient torque is available to lift the load before releasing the brake. An off-position safety circuit prevents the control from restarting after a power interruption, protecting against unexpected movements. A 200-percent current limit switch protects against stall conditions, drive overloads, and line current surges.

Adjustable acceleration and deceleration, and other programmable software features, allow the operator to fine-tune crane performance. A built-in diagnostics system displays faults for quick troubleshooting, minimized downtime, and safe multi-hoist load handling. Control components allow maximum interchangeability between horsepower sizes, and plug-in wiring on the control boards helps to speed repairs and component replacements as it eliminates the chances of mis-wiring replacement components. AC squirrel-cage motors require no motor brushes to maintain, and solid-state circuitry eliminates the need to replace mechanical contactor parts.

Several Smartorque control configurations are available. Options include a user keypad for easier programming and improved diagnostics, an on-board or remote-mounted control panel, ExpressSpeed™ for moving light loads faster, mechanical overload protection, Swinguard™ load sway control, simulated plugging, line reactors, single-motion or common bussed regeneration modules, and input/output filter systems. Smartorque fits nearly all overhead lifting equipment applications.



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