Spitzlift Offers 900-Pound Capacity Portable Cranes

Spitzlift, San Diego, Calif., leads the way with lightweight portable cranes. Available in manually or AC/DC-powered configurations, the 3-and 4-foot Spitzlift cranes feature maximum lift capacities of 900 pounds. Both Spitzlifts operate similarly. The 3-foot lift has a lifting radius of 3 feet, while the 4-foot crane has a lifting radius of 4 feet.

The 3- and 4-foot AC/DC-powered Spitzlift cranes come complete with wiring kits. They weight approximately 40 pounds. The 3-and 4-foot manual Spitzlift cranes are completely preassembled, weighing about 30 pounds. The cranes’ fail-safe modular design features mounting options that are capable of fitting dozens of applications.

The Spitzlift folds up for convenient and compact storage. To set up, a strap is loosened and two pins are removed. The cross member is set with two pins, and the crane is ready to lift.