Straightpoint Publishes New Product Guide | Construction News

Straightpoint Publishes New Product Guide | Construction News

Load-weighing specialist Straightpoint has launched its new global product guide, both in print and as a PDF that can be downloaded from the company's website.

The new guide features all specifications in both metric and imperial measurements and is full of new and improved products:

1. In addition to Radiolink wireless compression loadcells, the company's load shackles, running-line tensiometer, and Loadpin products are now ATEX / IECEx approved with classification Ex ia II C T4 Ga and available for use in zones 0, 1, and 2 hazardous areas (gas).

2. Already an entertainment-industry favorite, the popular cabled Low Headroom loadlink is now available as a wireless load cell that can be connected to the multi-channel SW-MWLC software.

3. For the arborist, the guide offers the new wireless Impact Block load cell. Designed to be used with Straightpoint handheld displays or data logging software, the Impact Block provides high speed dynamic load data.

4. Wireless center-of-gravity software has been rewritten with ISO19901 in mind. It now allows up to 36 wireless compression loadcells to be used simultaneously and generates a full CG report with averaging, standard deviation, wind speed, and many other extras.

5. New software written for the load-testing industry – Proof Test plus allows real-time, wireless monitoring of a load test and lets the operator create real-time test certificates with full audit trail.

6. Straightpoint has added its SA700 wireless loadcell transmitter to the guide. The unique product may be connected to any manufacturer's cabled loadcell to convert it into a wireless loadcell that can be used with Straightpoint displays and software.


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