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Tadano Mantis GTC-1200 Approved for use in NYC | Construction News

Tadano Mantis GTC-1200 Approved for use in NYC | Construction News

The Cranes and Derricks Unit of New York City’s Dept. of Buildings has approved the Tadano Mantis GTC-1200 telescopic-boom crawler crane to work in the city.

The approval includes all of the GTC-1200’s capacity charts, including its full 130-ton capacity and all of its out-of-level charts, too. The crane has ratings for operating slopes of up to 4°. The Tadano Mantis control system automatically switches to the proper load chart based on operating conditions.

Tadano Mantis vice president of sales, Ed Hisrich, says the GTC-1200 features a 155-ft., five-section, full-power boom, plus a standard jib that adds up to 59 ft. of extra length. He also notes that it can climb a 50% grade and can pick, travel, and swing 360° with any rated load.

“The strong load charts and robust construction of the GTC-1200 have proven the crane to be effective in lift applications as well in heavy-duty applications like vibratory hammer work,” says Hisrich.


The crane can assemble and disassemble itself for transport, and has several patented features that help fast mobilization.

Optional equipment includes: a 28,000-lb-line-pull controlled freefall winch; steel boom-top sheaves; two-person, 750-lb.-capacity work platform; and auxiliary controls and hydraulic circuits for pile-driving lead systems.

Tadano Mantis sponsors the GTC-1200 on where complete lift planning and ground pressure calculation software tools are available.

The GTC-1200 is the fifth Tadano Mantis telescopic boom crawler crane approved for operation in New York City. The other approved models are the 30-ton Model 6010, 70-ton Model 14010, the 77-ton Model 15010 and the 100-ton Model 20010. Tadano Mantis is represented in New York by its Syracuse-based dealer, Empire Crane Company.


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