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Tadano Mantis Simplifies Jib Set-Up

Tadano Mantis, Franklin, Tenn., has simplified the stowage, connection, and set-up system for its lattice jib. The new arrangement enables one person to assemble the jib and set the jib angle in about 15 minutes. The jib and jib extension stow on the side of the boom and swing into position. They are equipped with extending tapered pins that retract but stay mounted when not in use, so there are no loose pins to lose. To lock the jib and extension in place, the operator uses a quick-operating hand crank to extend the pin ends into mating bores.

Tadano Mantis has also eliminated the need to move the sheave on the end of the jib during setup. To set the jib angle, the crane’s whip line is attached to the jib point and used to support the jib at the desired angle while positioning pins and links are installed. The line is then detached from the jib point and reeved over the jib point sheave, ready to work.

The new jib will be available for the 30-ton-capacity Model 6010 teleboom crawler crane in late 2011, and will be integrated into other models starting in 2012. No retrofit package for existing jibs is currently available.


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