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Tadano Mantis Telescopic Boom Crawler Pile Drives in Quebec

Tadano Mantis Telescopic Boom Crawler Pile Drives in Quebec

Icanda Corp., Laval, Quebec, Canada, recently rented a Tadano Mantis 15010, 77-ton telescopic boom crawler crane from Cropac Equipment along with 78 feet of Bermingham Foundation Solutions L-15 vertical travel leads, a Bermingham B-21 Diesel Hammer and an HHH-12 hydraulic spotter to drive 14-inch pipe piles for a bridge foundation in Saint Méthode, Quebec. The piles will be driven inside of coffer dams below grade at 3:1 fore batters set by the hydraulic spotter, so no template is necessary.

The ability to quickly adjust both the telescopic boom and spotter length has enabled Icanda to perform the piling job with less excavation at the worksite because the boom can be retracted and spotter extended to achieve the 3:1 fore-batter for driving piles. The boom can also be extended and the spotter can be raised and retracted to achieve a reverse batter (thus consuming less space), while loading piles into the lead system.

Icanda chose the Mantis 15010 because of its heavy-duty construction and the flexibility of its telescopic boom; its standard integrated lead and hammer controls; and the self-erecting capabilities. The pile driving lead interface option on the crane includes an integrated control console, spotter lugs, hydraulic valving and quick coupler panel. The system offers control functions for lead and spotter winches and cylinders to adjust batter and lead vertical travel, pile gate open and close, and hydraulic hammer starter and throttle controls.


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