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Tadano Ships 1,000th GR-1000XL in Just Four Years | Construction News

Tadano Ships 1,000th GR-1000XL in Just Four Years | Construction News
Tadano Ships 1,000th GR-1000XL in Just Four Years | Construction News

Tadano Ltd. has produced its 1,000th GR-1000XL, a 100-ton-capacity rough-terrain crane intended for overseas markets.

The GR-1000XL has become one of Tadano’s flagship models. As Koichi Tadano, president and CEO of Tadano Ltd., explained in his speech during the shipping ceremony, “In 2011 when the GR-1000XL was introduced, the Great East Japan Earthquake cut off Tadano’s supply chain, causing a one-time shut down of the assembly line at the Shido plant. Our employees worked hard to fulfill delayed orders for customers who rely on Tadano around the world. Overcoming this crisis has helped us to arrive at this day of commemoration.”

Since then, the GR-1000XL has earned a reputation for reliability, high quality, and environmental friendliness. It has been particularly popular in places where harsh environments often make it difficult to replace cranes experiencing down time, such as energy development jobsites (mainly in North America, the Middle East, and Russia) and mining jobsites (mainly in South America, Australia, and South Africa).

Even in spite of huge fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Japanese yen, which often has a negative impact on exports from Japan, sales of the GR-1000XL remained high and customer response was extremely positive. After the exchange rate stabilized and became more favorable due to the weaker yen, GR-1000XL production accelerated. Tadano achieved the milestone of 1,000 units shipped in just four years.

After Mr. Tadano’s speech, a Japanese-style prayer ceremony for product safety and success was held, and the 1,000th machine started on its way to Houston, Texas. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was performed by the company officers of Tadano and staff from the Research and Development Division and Production Division directly in charge of this model. A large number of Tadano employees gathered to celebrate the departure of the 1000th machine with applause and cheers.

Tadano Ltd.'s North American subsidiary, Tadano America Corporation, Houston, Texas, is the strategic base for sales and support of rough-terrain cranes, all-terrain cranes, and boom trucks on the continent.

The GR-1000XL's key features include:

High capacity
A maximum lifting capacity of 100 tons and a maximum lifting height of 212 ft. (with jib). The 39.4- to 154.2-ft. telescopic boom features a rounded design made of lightweight high-strength, high-tensile steel. This makes for one of the longest booms in class in addition to excellent lifting capacity.

Environmentally friendly
Low emissions and high efficiency have become priorities for many cranes owners. With this in mind, the GR-1000XL has been equipped fuel monitoring, eco-mode (fuel consumption reduction from engine speed adjustment during crane operation), and a positive control system (fuel consumption reduction from hydraulic pump displacement restrictions during engine idling).

One of the GR-1000XL’s standard features is access to Tadano’s telematics system, HELLO-NET. That enables customers to remotely monitor their crane’s operational status, position, and maintenance over the Internet via mobile devices and satellite communications.

Safe operation
Tadano developed a load-moment indicator that provides many safe and useful features to operators. The AML-C features asymmetric outrigger extension control, which automatically detects the extension width of outriggers. This allows for maximum “work value” in the front, rear, left and right of the crane.


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