Tadano To Show Six New Cranes at Bauma

Tadano Ltd., Japan and Tadano Faun GMBH, Germany will introduce six new cranes, including four all-terrain cranes, one RT and one truck crane, during next month's Bauma trade show in Germany.

The company's new flagship is the six-axle ATF 360G-6 all-terrain crane, featuring 390-ton capacity and 197-foot single cylinder boom. The company has engineered a new jib concept, which will make its debut on this crane. Look for the North American release of the crane next year at ConExpo. Other new models include the ATF 90G-4, which replaces the popular ATF 80-4, and the ATF 50 G-2, which replaces the ATF 45-3.

Upgraded to a 99-ton unit, the ATF 90G-4 retains some of the favorite features of its predecessor, including fuel-saving two engine concept and cockpit style cab. Lifting capacities have been improved throughout the crane's chart with only a 2-ton increase in counterweight.

The boom is 168 feet long and a new 59-foot bi-folding jib is available as an option. Drive/steer can be configured as either 8x6x8 or 8x8x8, and Faun rear axle steering has been added. Powering the crane is a ZF AS-Tronic 12 gear transmission with intarder. The incorporation of the Tadano AML on this model, now allows crane owners to add the optional Lift Adjuster. This crane will be available in North America this summer

Featuring a longer boom than its predecessor, the new ATF 50G-3 is rated at 55 tons and has a 131-foot boom. Two cylinders extend the telescopic boom nearly 20 feet further than the ATF 45-3. It is scheduled for release in North America next fall.

Equipped with Faun rear axle steering, the standard drive/steer configuration is 6x6x6. A ZF AS-Tronic 12 gear transmission, with optional retarder, powers the machine. A three-circuit pump control optimizes the hydraulic system.

The Taxi-style crane can be fitted with either 7.7- or 11-ton counterweight packages. Both the ATF 90G-4 and ATF 50G-3 models will be fitted with a 52-foot bi-fold extension, first introduced in 2005 on the ATF 65G-4 in 2005.

The smallest crane to join the G Series is the ATF 40G-2, which replaces the 35t ATF 30-2. A new longer boom length of 115 feet offers a maximum hook height of about 151 feet. A combination of a single cylinder with ropes enables high-speed boom extension while hydraulic pilot control ensures smooth handling. Standard configuration is 4x4x4 drive/steer chassis with ZF 6 WG powershift transmission. A retarder is optional. The Taxi version includes the 1.5-ton counterweight. Up to 7 tons of counterweight can be ordered

The company's newest 60-ton rough-terrain crane, the GR-550EX, fills a gap in the product line between the 33-ton GR-300Ex and the 77-ton GR-700EXL. The GR-550EX features a maximum boom length of 138 feet and includes a 56-foot bi-fold jib as standard.

Also scheduled for introduction is the HK-40 truck-mounted crane.

For more information, go to www.tadanofaun.com.