Talbert Launches 50CC/RP Hybrid Trailer

Talbert Launches 50CC/RP Hybrid Trailer

Talbert Manufacturing, Rensselaer, Ind., recently launched its 50CC/RP Hybrid Trailer. Combining the benefits of a close couple low-bed design with a roller paver model, the 50CC/RP offers a longer loading incline and best-in-class lift capacity of any trailer on the market. This allows the hybrid trailer the ability to haul a greater range of equipment, from loaders and excavators to rollers and pavers. Additionally, the specialty design provides versatility for a larger audience of contractors including general construction, grading, excavation and pavement.


With a deck length of 26 feet, the new 50CC/RP offers the space for full construction fleet loads, while also featuring a specially designed slope to allow easy transport of rollers and pavers. The design slopes from the bottom up to create a more moderate incline over a greater distance, approximately a third of the deck length. Finish height at the front of the main beams is 8-3/4 inches. Additionally, the trailer features a bolt-on ramp to provide a more gradual load angle at the rear; 15-degrees rather than the standard 35-degree angle. The 50-ton capacity 50CC/RP offers a deck width of 8’6” and a low deck height of 20 inches.


Designed for ease of operation, loading and unloading, the 50CC/RP Hybrid is a non-ground bearing hydraulic gooseneck trailer. Air ride suspension provides a smoother ride, while Talbert’s +3/-3 control system allows fast and easy height adjustment of the lower and back end.


The 50CC/RP is four-axle capable, offering even greater versatility. It features three axles with fourth axle pin-on configuration. Axle capacity is 25,000 pounds each. To accommodate varying state laws, the trailer offers a dual kingpin setting of 108 and 90.


Built for strength and reliability, the 50CC/RP features a four main beam design and T1, 100,000-psi minimum yield steel construction. The loading ramp is wood-filled and double-hinged to provide strength and traction needed for heavy equipment. To ensure a solid base for any load, Apitong flooring offers proven performance and durability. Other standard features include rear-loading fenders, LED lights, strobes, and battery backup.


Talbert’s newest trailer was designed for Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel, a Talbert dealer for more than 20 years, headquartered in Voorhees, N.J. Hale’s Concord, N.C. branch partnered with Talbert for the World of Asphalt/AGG1 tradeshow and purchased the original model displayed on the show floor. The new trailer complements Talbert’s full product line, while also enhancing the line for the roller paver market.


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