Terex Bendini Celebrates 40th Anniversary, Introduces RT Crane

In June, Terex Bendini, Bologna, Italy, celebrated its 40th anniversary and introduced a new rough-terrain crane. “We profit enormously from Terex Corporation's global presence," said Marco Gentilini, general manager of Terex Italia, citing that production figures have increased constantly since Bendini became a part of Terex.

The Bendini SpA company was founded in 1968. The product line includes lifting capacities from 30 to 60 tons, seven wheeled crane models, and three crawler crane models. “In the past, Bendini was an Italian crane manufacturer that concentrated mainly on the domestic market. Today, we export the majority of our products,” said Fabio Fenzi, Terex Italia sales director. “Europe, Africa, and the Middle East belong to our main markets."

The new Terex Bendini RC 30, scheduled to start production in 2009, was among the cranes highlighted during the event. The company also displayed the newly designed RC 60, and the TCC 60 telescopic boom crawler crane.

Rated at 30 metric tons, the RC 30, which will replace the A300, offers increased capacity and a three-stage 27.4-meter boom. The basic version weighs 24 metric tons • 11 in front and 13 on the rear • with an extremely compact width of only 2,550 millimeters. The necessary driving power is supplied by a turbocharged engine with 104 kW at 2200 U/min and a transmission with all-wheel drive and six forward and reverse gears. The engine complies with all Tier 3 requirements. Power steering can be comfortably switched to two or four steered wheels from the cab. The maximum speed varies between 34 and 36 km/h, depending on the wheel size.

The 60-ton RC 60, which has been in production since 2007, has a maximum boom length of 40 meters. The second through fourth boom sections telescope proportionally while the first section can be telescoped independently. Outriggers can be extended simultaneously and can be operated from either the cab or ground.

The TCC 60 crawler previously replaced the A600C. The telescopic boom crawler can pick loads on inclines ranging from 1 to 4. The 32.4 meter-long, four-stage telescopic boom allows the first boom section to be telescoped independently; the second and third sections are proportional even under partial load. It achieves maximum lifting capacity through 360 degrees. Moving with a lateral load is also possible.