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Terex Cranes Launches Demag CC 9800 Crane

Terex Cranes has announced the introduction of its new prototype Terex Demag CC 9800 crawler crane with 1,700-ton capacity, which is built at its Terex Demag Cranes facility in Zweibruecken, Germany.

“The worldwide demand for heavy lift machines remains strong and Terex Cranes is responding,” said Rüdiger Zollondz, senior product marketing manager, Terex Cranes global marketing. “The Terex Demag CC 9800 was designed with multiple configurations in mind based on feedback we have received directly from customers based on their needs.”

The new model is an adaptation of the original Terex Demag CC 8800-1 and it uses the same basic machine components as its bigger brother the 3,500-ton capacity Terex Demag CC 8800-1 Twin. A wider boom system, with components up to 13 feet, makes it stronger. This provides a higher maximum load moment rating of 27,000 tm, when configured with 881 tons of Superlift counterweight at a 98-foot radius.

Maximum boom and jib length for the Terex Demag CC 9800 are 511 feet and 393 feet, respectively. Maximum luffing fly jib SWSL combination is 354 + 393 feet, resulting in a top hook height of 754 feet.

A configuration is also available for the erection of wind turbines of more than 6 MW capacity, incorporating a 433-foot main boom, plus a 59-foot extension, allowing the crane to lift 413 tons to a hook height of 482 feet. Redundant drive lines mean that if one fails the other takes over. It is also much more efficient when used one drive line at a time.

Two Terex Demag CC 9800s have already been sold to two buyers for use in the wind turbine industry. The first model will be delivered this month to Sarens Company in Belgium. The second customer is a global engineering company, Enercon that will use its Terex Demag CC 9800 on wind turbine projects. The machine is suitable for a wide range of applications, including petrochemical, large infrastructure and power plants.

All three large Terex crawler cranes—the Terex Demag CC 8800-1, CC 8800-1 Twin and CC 9800—target the petrochemical, large infrastructure and power sectors, but the Terex Demag CC 9800 was specifically built to respond to the needs for the petrochemical and power sectors.

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