Terex Cranes to Present Crane Line at SAIE 2008

Terex Cranes will be presenting a range of products at SAIE 2008, which takes place Oct. 15-18 in Bologna, Italy. Terex will present two all-terrain cranes that cover almost the entire width of the spectrum in this product segment: the Terex PPM AC 40/2L and the Terex Demag AC 300/6. First deliveries of the new AC 300/6 are in progress in the U.S. Also at the show and available in the U.S. are the Terex Comedil CBR 30 Plus self-erecting crane and the Terex Comedil CTT 231 flat-top tower crane, launched this year.

Standard features of the Terex Demag AC 300/6 include the Superlift, 9-section modular system for extending the telescopic boom, second hoist usable in variable ways that can optionally be transported on the crane, and a fully automatic counterweight system. With a 330-ton lifting capacity and a maximum load moment of 951 meter-tons, the Terex Demag AC 300/6 is the most powerful mobile crane of its class on the market, according to the company. The crane features an almost 210-foot main boom, the longest system length of all 6-axle cranes at 412 feet, plus Superlift for even greater improvements in lifting capacity for long system lengths. Its great flexibility opens up a wide range of possible applications, providing excellent value and return on investment.

From its broad range of self-erecting cranes Terex Comedil will present the CBR 30 Plus and the FC 6.24 H. Designed for economical use, they are built for simple handling and short rigging times. Assembly is fully hydraulic, and modern drive technology ensures efficient operation. The Terex Comedil CBR 30 Plus, with a maximum reach of 98 feet and a hook height of more than 71 feet, has a lifting capacity of 1 ton. It is a high-performance self-erecting crane of compact dimensions. It can be transported on the road by a standard truck without needing to disassemble the individual components, enabling it to be moved quickly and flexibly between building sites.

The new Terex Comedil CTT 231 flat-top tower crane benefits from a wide range of configuration options. With boom lengths between 98 and 229 feet, it is a versatile machine, suitable for use on buildings both large and small. The maximum lifting capacity is 13.2 tons; at the tip of the jib it is 2.3 tons. A further advantage of the Comedil CTT 231 is that the loss of lifting capacity as boom length increases is less than for some competing products of comparable design. The Terex Comedil CTT 231 provides the perfect synthesis of versatility, modularity and performance to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of modern construction sites.

Other cranes on display will include the PPM AC 40/2 L all-terrain crane, FC 6.24 H self erector, Terex Bendini RC 30, RC 34, and RC 60.

For more information, visit www.terex.com.


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