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Terex Donates ConExpo "I Make America" Art to AEM | Industry News

Terex Donates ConExpo "I Make America" Art to AEM | Industry News
Terex Donates ConExpo "I Make America" Art to AEM | Industry News
Terex Donates ConExpo "I Make America" Art to AEM | Industry News

Millions of Americans work hard every day to build the equipment, roads, bridges, public transport systems, and port facilities that fuel America’s powerful economic engine.

During the five days of CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 in Las Vegas, Nev., more than 1,300 of those people visited the Terex exhibit to contribute to the manufacturer’s I Make America artwork.

Terex team members and show attendees dipped their fingers into paint and left their marks, as well as their signatures, on a canvas that included an outline of the United States, famous infrastructure landmarks, the equipment that helps to build America’s infrastructure, and the I Make America logo. After the show, FingerSmear artist Kelly Sullivan put the finishing touches to the masterpiece, and Terex donated it to representatives of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).

“Terex is among the top supporters of AEM’s I Make America campaign, and for many years we have championed the critical need for more investment in America’s infrastructure,” said Ron DeFeo, chairman and CEO of Terex Corp. “What better metaphor to show how vital everyone’s role is in building America’s infrastructure than to create a work of art that includes the imprint of more than a thousand participants. We are proud to donate this to AEM and the I Make America campaign.”

Commenting on Terex's donation, Dennis Slater, president of AEM, said, “This original Kelly Sullivan FingerSmear painting, sponsored by Terex in their exhibit at CONEXPO-CON/AGG, is a creative way to help educate the industry and the public about the mission of I Make America."  Slater added that AEM's goal for I Make America is to engage AEM member companies, their employees and individuals who care about the manufacturing industry and the campaign’s positive impact on jobs and the economy in the U.S. "We greatly appreciate Terex for going above and beyond to promote and support that mission,” said Slater.

AEM intends to use the donated artwork to drive interest and encourage others to support pro-manufacturing causes. The painting will be on display at many venues in coming months. AEM and Terex are finalizing a plan that will let as many people as possible see the art, helping carry its message to a broad audience of industry influencers.


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