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Terex Quadstar RT Crane to Launch at ConExpo | Construction News

Terex Cranes will roll out its new 110-ton  Quadstar 1100 rough-terrain crane to the North American construction industry at ConExpo, which will take place March 4-8 in Las Vegas.

Terex soft-launched the Quadstar 1100 in Europe last year and says it has sold several, but that this is the new RT’s first appearance at a trade show, as well as its first appearance in North America.

Designed for high performance in applications ranging from refinery work and equipment handling to steel erection, bridge construction, and general rental work, the Quadstar 1100 features a full-power, five-section telescopic boom with two modes of operation. One mode optimizes capacity at short radii. The other mode provides maximum capacity at long radii.


Boom Length, Reach, and Capacity

The telescopic boom features Terex’s double-keel design and telescopes from its 41’6” minimum length to its 155-ft. maximum length in about 130 seconds. The optional jib is a side-stow, bi-fold, lattice type, featuring two sections plus a pullout extension. It offers a maximum length of 72.1 ft. and can be mounted in line or be offset 20° or 40°.

The main boom offers 164-ft. maximum tip height, and the boom-plus-jib combination has a maximum tip height of 235 ft.

On the fully retracted boom, capacities range from 220,000 lbs. at a 10-ft. radius, to 86,800 lbs. at 30 ft. With the boom extended to 100 ft., capacities range from 85,000 lbs. at a 20-ft. radius, to 12,500 lbs. at 90 ft. On the 155-ft. fully extended boom, the Quadstar 1100 can lift 30,000 lbs. at a 35-ft. radius or 900 lbs. at 145 ft.

Capacities on the longest boom-and-jib combination range from 6,700 lbs. at a 61-ft. radius (with the jib mounted in line), to 1,300 lbs. at a 181-ft. radius (with the jib offset 40°).

The hydraulically powered, two-speed, main and auxiliary hoists each feature grooved drums that hold up to 850 ft. of 0.75-in. diameter wire rope and deliver up to 16,800 lbs. of single-line pull and line speeds to 453 fpm.

Electronic, dual-axis, proportional joysticks mounted on the operator seat armrests control the crane functions, while pedal controls operate the swing brake and engine throttle. Steering-wheel-column-mounted controls shift gears, and switches on the dashboard select steering mode and operate the outriggers. A graphic interface displays information from the rated capacity indicator.

The comfortable and functional operator’s cab features an overhead window for high-reach vision and also tilts hydraulically up to 18° to let the operator see high loads comfortably.

The four out-and-down outriggers can be extended and retracted independently. Capacity charts are available for 100% extended outriggers, 50% extended outriggers, and for lifting on tires.  At full extension, the outriggers provide a lifting base that is 26’0” wide by 26’8” long.

For travel or transport, the Quadstar stows as a package that’s 49’8” long, 11’2” wide, and 13’1” tall. The carrier length is 31’3”. The chassis offers three modes of steering: front-wheel steer, all-wheel concentric steering, and all-wheel crabbing. The minimum inside turning radius is 50’1” in two-wheel steering or 28.2-ft in all-wheel concentric steering.

The Quadstar 1100 uses a Cummins QSB6.7 turbocharged diesel engine that is rated at 260 hp and delivers 728 lb. ft. of torque at 1,500 rpm. The 6x6 powershift transmission and four-wheel drive let the crane climb a 55% grade or travel at up to 18.7 mph. 


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