Terex T-Axles Increase Crane Payload Capabilities

Terex Demag's new tag axle is designed to help cranes operate more cost efficiently. The T-axles can be fitted to Terex Demag cranes between 88 and 220 tons. A crane with a T-axle attached can carry up to 11 tons more payload, or if the weight remains unchanged, it can travel with lower axle loads. In many cases this removes the need for an extra vehicle carrying additional weights, which can reduce additional transport costs.

For each crane between 88 and 220 tons, Terex Demag offers an individual T-axle optimally suited to the vehicle's width and length. Fitting or removal takes just 15 minutes and can be performed by one person. At the construction site the additional weights can be borne by the T-axle itself. This makes for faster setup times and the crane is ready for use faster. The T-axle adds about 5 feet to the system length. Overall dimensions with a T-axle are significantly less than those of comparable transport using a trailer or separate accompanying vehicle. The T-axle is available for Terex Demag machines AC 80-2, AC 100, AC 120-1, AC 140, AC 160-2 and AC 200-1.

For more information, visit www.terex.com.


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