Terramac Appoints Kirby-Smith as Dealer for Oklahoma | Construction News


Terramac, a leading manufacturer of innovative rubber-tracked crawler carriers, has named Kirby-Smith Machinery Inc. as its dealer for Oklahoma.

“Terramac is the ultimate Swiss army knife of the pipeline industry,” says Joe Trapani, director of the pipeline services division at Kirby-Smith. “All pipeline customers have a need for rubber track carriers and Terramac’s are well known for reliability and extreme diversity.”

Kirby-Smith will offer Terramac crawler carriers to serve the pipeline industry with customizable equipment that accommodates various pipeline applications. In addition to Terramac’s three standard options – convertible dump-to-flat beds, rock dump beds, and flatbeds – Kirby-Smith will offer Terramac units customized with support attachments such as hydroseeders, vacuum excavators, and tack rigs. 

Kirby-Smith will sell, rent, and provide aftermarket support for Terramac products. The company also plans to identify other markets for the versatile tracked carriers.