Trailer Manufacturers Introduce Crane Transport Products

Choosing the right trailer helps crane owners get on the road more quickly, although the selection process can be highly specialized. Crane Hot Line addresses how your trailer manufacturer can help you break through logistics logjams in an upcoming issue. Read the full story in the June digital issue.

Meanwhile, several new trailer and transport products have recently been introduced by Aspen Custom Trailers, Goldhofer, and Rogers Brothers. As previously reported, other trailer companies in the news include Cometto and Talbert Manufacturing.

Aspen Custom Trailers
Aspen Custom Trailers, Alberta, Canada, has redesigned its 40-ton, five-axle crane dolly. Now offering increased protection for the hydraulic crane boom, the dolly is equipped with operational features to meet the specific needs of the customer and even more safety features than previous designs. The dolly was engineered with all air ride suspensions for a smoother ride to protect the hydraulic boom from rough roads. The moving carriage has both vertical and lateral grease-able rollers and Teflon-coated top rails on the dolly frame, ensuring the carriage is free to slide as the crane negotiates corners. Lighter-weight than other crane dollies its size, the crane dolly was designed with five axles to meet a specific weight. It is equipped with both 12-volt and 24-volt lighting systems to ensure compatibility with any crane manufacturer’s lighting specifications. It features ergonomic stairs on both sides and safety tread plate throughout to further increase the safety of the operator while connecting and disconnecting the crane boom.

Goldhofer, Memmingen, Germany, has introduced two new platform models for large crane booms. Working closely with the Liebherr group to expand the platform range for its LTM 11200-9.1, Goldhofer has designed a new platform with seven or eight axles. The two vehicles are based on the same concept, where up to 105-ton booms are placed on the crane manufacturer’s support blocks. The crane booms are form-fitted and secured in place on the platform with insertable consoles. The framework and lashing options on the trailer match with the contours and center of gravity of the boom. “The individuality of the trailer makes it highly interesting for a whole range of different cargoes,” reports Stefan Fuchs, board chairman. “The platform masters special cases just as optimally as it does standard cargoes seen every day.” With a trailer base length of 60 to 64 feet, cargoes weighing up to 82 tons can be carried. High payload reserves facilitate transport of the complete boom with export elements.

Rogers Brothers Corp.
Rogers Brothers Corp., Albion, Pa., has introduced a new feature on several trailer models designed specifically for hauling cranes. Wheel wells, cut out in the deck of the trailer, allow the crane to travel lower in height. With a platform deck level that tops out at 20 inches, the wheel wells create an additional 7 inches of overhead clearance, so the trailer now can carry an RT crane as well as other types of construction equipment, says Mark Kulyk, president. “We’ve also gone into manufacturing more multi-axle trailers because of the various state requirements where the crane owner has to have more axles or spreads,” says Kulyk.


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