Trojan Battery Opens Factory Sales Outlets in Southeastern U.S. | Construction News


Trojan Battery Co., LLC, a leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, has established Trojan Battery Sales, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Trojan Battery Co.

Trojan Battery Sales, formerly Safe-Start, LLC, now operates factory sales locations throughout the southeastern U.S., with several distribution centers in Florida to maximize support to Trojan’s extensive dealer base in the region.

Trojan Battery Sales has distribution centers in Birmingham, Ala., Macon, Ga., Nashville, Tenn., and four locations in Florida: Ft. Myers, Miami, Pensacola, and St. Petersburg. The company plans to continue expansion of Trojan Battery Sales centers throughout the southeastern U.S.

These locations carry several brands of batteries, chargers and accessories to address all of Trojan customers’ needs.

Trojan’s factory sales locations will support various battery-powered applications including automotive, floor machine, golf cars, industrial, marine/RV, motorcycle, mobility, renewable energy and utility vehicles.

“Trojan Battery Sales distribution centers are strategically located in areas which boast a large Trojan Battery customer base,” said Brian Jaibur, director of sales for Trojan Battery.  “This new sales channel enables Trojan Battery Sales to better service customers by providing a wide selection of products and enhancing on-time delivery, while at the same time strengthen the Trojan brand.”

Customers will benefit from quick order fulfillment, selection from an extensive product line, competitive local pricing, and a knowledgeable Trojan Battery Sales team to provide technical service and support, according to the company.

“The establishment of factory sales locations in the southeast offers tremendous growth opportunities in the region for Trojan,” Jaibur said.  “Trojan’s reputation for quality and reliability will be further enhanced by our affiliation with a significant number of dealer locations in cities throughout the southeast.”