United Vision Logistics Relocates North Dakota Oil Rigs with Sany SCC8100


Lafayette, La.-based United Vision Logistics has used its 110-ton Sany SCC8100 crawler crane to relocate oil rigs in remote parts of North Dakota, logging more than 400 hours since the company took delivery of the crane in January.

“Our new Sany crawler crane is truly a first-class machine,” said Mike Rusek, category manager of rig moving at United Vision Logistics. “The power delivery is smooth, and even when the temperature dropped to -40 this winter, the SCC8100 never left us stranded.”

In North Dakota oil country, soft ground conditions can create a hazardous environment for heavy equipment. In one instance, Rusek said the Sany crane entered a soft spot while carrying a load and sank down more than half a track depth and the machine’s power-to-weight ratio allowed it to quickly pull through.