Vacuworx Launches Battery-Powered Vacuum Lifting System | Construction News


 Vacuworx, Tulsa, Okla., has unveiled a completely portable vacuum lifting system for use with small equipment such as forklifts, small cranes, skid steers, and mini electric excavators.

The PS 1 Portable Vacuum Lifting System (patent pending) weighs just 25 lbs. yet lifts up to 2,200 lbs., and can handle a variety of materials ranging from concrete, marble, granite, metal, steel, and iron.

Its 12V rechargeable battery delivers 8 hours of run time per charge, and can be used indoors or out. The standard interchangeable suction pads range from 8”x12” (693-lb. lifting capacity) to 16”x16” (1,654-lb. lifting capacity), with additional pad configurations available on request.

Standard models lift a variety of materials including steel pipe (including most types of coating), plastic pipe (PVC, fiberglass, long flexible pipe), ductile-iron pipe, concrete pipe, pre-cast slabs, concrete road barriers, and steel plate and piling.

The system can be customized for many applications, and can attach to forklifts, knuckleboom and straight-boom cranes, hydraulic excavators and backhoes (with or without a coupler system), wheeled or tracked loaders, and pipe layers.

Vacuworx's global inventory is available for purchase or rental. Parts, service and
technical support are available 24/7/365 for installation, training, repairs, and troubleshooting.