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WHECO Launches Crane Repair and Restoration Blog

WHECO Corp., Georgetown, Texas, has launched an educational blog that will focus on crane repair and restoration. The blog will be updated twice a week with content aimed at crane owners and crane insurers to help them understand best practices for crane repair and restoration. The educational content will be augmented by commentary on the crane industry from the WHECO executive staff and industry guests.


“WHECO has a long history of being the industry leader in crane repair and we see the need to share our knowledge and experience with crane owners and the insurance industry,” said Jay Shiffler, WHECO’s vice president of Business Development. “We believe that this blog will become a resource to provide accurate information to help crane owners and insurers understand their options when faced with damaged and aging cranes and crane components.”


WHECO’s goal is to educate crane owners and the insurance industry that they have choices when faced with repair vs. replace decisions, according to Jacob Voncannon, WHECO’s marketing coordinator. “The objective is to offer education and information about safe and compliant time- and cost-effective alternatives to the traditional replacement philosophy,” Voncannon said.


In addition to the blog, WHECO has added an “Ask WHECO” landing page to its website. Questions on the “Ask WHECO” webpage will be answered by WHECO’s staff of experts.  


“In the coming weeks, WHECO will be producing a bi-weekly newsletter, creating eBooks and publishing white papers targeted to inform, educate and address in detail specific issues about crane repair and restoration,” said Voncannon, of WHECO’s ramped up digital marketing strategies. “We encourage crane owners to visit our website. The WHECO blog address is


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