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WireCo WorldGroup Restructures Global Sales Management

WireCo WorldGroup, Kansas City, Mo., has announced a new management structure that will streamline WireCo’s sales management. Effective immediately, Senior Vice President Miguel Gomez will manage sales efforts for all markets in the Western Hemisphere.  Additionally, Gomez will lead all non-steel rope industry directors including high carbon wire, electromechanical cable and synthetic ropes.

Wolfgang Oswald will take on a new role as senior vice president of global sales; he will lead a team of international market directors for wire rope products and maintain sales management responsibility for Europe, Africa, and Asia.  Additionally, he will retain his role as managing director at CASAR.

Along with the streamlined sales management, a team of global market directors has been formed to lead the marketing efforts for key segments while engaging in business development activities.  The new market directors include Frank Jauch, joined who will focus on the OEM sector and crane markets; John Josendale, who will take on the role of oil & gas market director; Blake Chandler, who will lead their global mining efforts; and Richard Humiston, who will assist bridge contractors and DOTs.


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