Zonar Electronic Vehicle Inspection Report Solution Simplifies Daily Inspection Checklists | Construction News

Zonar displayed its electronic vehicle inspection report (EVIR)solution at ICUEE, which simplifies vehicle inspections through the use of RFID tags and and the Zonar 2010 inspection tool.

Tossing out the pen and paper, fleet managers can now place RFID tags on the vehicle in critical inspection zones. The tag contains information about this area on the vehicle, the components to be inspected, and the vehicle’s identity. With the Zonar 2010 inspection tool, the operator can conduct the vehicle inspection by scanning the tag and indicate the condition of the components in the zone with push-button response. If a defect is discovered, the operator can select a description from a pre-defined list, which indicates if the vehicle is safe to operate. When the inspection is finished, the operator places the Zonar 2010 include the vehicle mount, and information is transmitted to a database that can be accessed from a web browser through Zonar’s Ground Traffic Control application.

According to the company, the EVIR solution cuts inspection time down by 50%, reduces delays because of early detection of defects; and makes companies ready for audits or in-house reporting.