Alliance: Rental Outlook Solid Globally for 2018

A survey of the Global Rental Alliance (GRA) shows rental revenue increased 6% over the previous year’s report to reach nearly $97 billion among its member associations.

The GRA, which recently held its 16th annual meeting at The Rental Show 2018 in New Orleans, reviewed its global survey initiative for fiscal year 2016, calculated by IHS Markit on behalf of the group. Members, which include the Brazilian Rental Association (ANALOC); the Canadian Rental Association (CRA); European Rental Association (ERA); Hire Association Europe (HAE); Hire Industry Association of New Zealand (HIANZ); Hire and Rental Industry Association Ltd. (HRIA); Japan Construction Rental Association (JCRA); and the American Rental Association (ARA), all say their economies are healthy and that operators expect a very good year.

The purpose of the Global Rental Alliance is to increase the profile of equipment rental/hire worldwide. It is a partnership of rental associations from around the developed world that meets semi-annually and has brought an increased awareness of overall priorities internationally, adding to the strategic outlook and resources of each rental member association.

“The Global Rental Alliance allows industry and association representatives from around the world to discuss common issues that impact rental/hire operators and share solutions that are having a positive impact,” said Tony Conant, ARA CEO. “

The GRA members also agreed to start projecting the recent year’s rental revenue and other key figures at their summer meeting and will publish preliminary 2017 figures in August.

The member associations discussed group priorities, initiatives, trends, and industry developments. Two key topics were global technology trends and workforce development issues, including the promotion of women and minorities in rental and efforts to engage young professionals. Due to technology’s impact on safety, operational efficiency, and the customer experience, the GRA is planning to add technology to its standing discussion agenda and will add a special segment to next year’s program in Anaheim, California.

The group discussed their objectives for 2018-2019, as well as conference dates and schedules for their respective associations. These dates are available on the GRA website,

A midyear webinar meeting for GRA is planned for August 2018. The next annual meeting will be at The Rental Show 2019 in Anaheim.