Elliott 45-ton Crane for Interstates Has No Overweight Permit

Crane Pictures

Cranes used by utility construction contractors must be highly versatile and roadable for jobs they perform across North America. Omaha, Neb.-based Elliott Equipment Co.'s newest boom truck, the 45127R, offers the features and benefits that crane operators love while also meeting the needs of the job.

Designed in partnership with industry leaders, including Kansas City, Mo.-based Custom Truck & Equipment, the 45127R is loaded with features and options for owner-operators and rental customers. According to Jim Glazer, president of Elliott Equipment Co., these highlights include an excellent lifting chart, swing counterweight, glide-swing drive system, and full hydraulic controls.

Glazer also notes this crane is Elliott’s first 40-ton-plus unit with a boom longer than 105 ft. to meet bridge regulations. The crane’s mounting configuration on five axles meets all 50 state and federal bridge laws. Glazer describes this feat as “very significant.”  “It requires excellent engineering to optimize the crane within these weight and balance requirements,” he says.

Crane stats

The 45127R boom truck has a 45-ton rated capacity at a 9-ft. radius. Its five-section, steel-plate, rectangular telescopic boom measures 34'5" when retracted and extends to 127 ft. with a sheave height of 137 ft. The boom nose contains one floating upper sheave and three lower sheaves. The assembly includes heavy-duty cylinder fittings, pivot pins, and replaceable wear pads.

An optional two-piece, 32- to 55-ft. telescopic jib is available for lifting material or elevating personnel in an aerial platform. Customers can also select booms with maximum lengths of 105 and 142 ft. for additional versatility. Lifting is powered by a heavy-duty, two-speed hydraulic planetary winch with 10,000-lb. single-line pull, 15,000-lb. bare-drum pull, and 430 ft. of 5/8-in. diameter rotation-resistant wire rope.

One double-acting long-stroke cylinder provides smooth and stable boom elevation. A holding valve prevents the boom from falling in the event of a hose failure. The boom extension system incorporates a two- stage hydraulic cylinder attached to the largest boom section, with a proportional cable system driving the outer sections. All cylinders use micro-honed cylinder tubing, chrome shafts, top-grade packing, and protective rod wipers.

The crane’s offset turret is a one-piece weldment that rotates on a large diameter ball bearing. A hydraulic motor drives the turret through a double-reduction planetary swing drive for 360° continuous rotation. The glide-swing drive system has a manual foot-applied brake.

Drive and setup

The 45127R’s literature says the crane must be mounted on a truck chassis with a 297-in. wheelbase, a 204-in. cab-to-axle distance, a 20,000-lb. front axle GWR, a 66,000-lb. tridem rear axle GWR, and a pusher axle ahead of tridem rated at 8,000 lbs. In total, a 94,900-lb. GVWR truck is required. The recommended GVWR is the minimum for the bridge-legal Boom Truck with flatbed only. Trucks must have a 12V electrical system with high-capacity alternator, and cab clearance, stop/tail/backup lights, and I.D. lamps.

Overall, the crane and truck stand 13'2" tall, measure 39'11" long, and weigh 43,000 lbs.

Electric outrigger controls are operated independently at ground level. The front out-and-down outriggers spread 21'2", while the rear out-and-down outrigger spread is 26'2". Outriggers are configured for full- or mid-span operation. They are equipped with 22" diameter ball socket and aluminum pads that can be removed and stowed on the outriggers’ vertical legs.

A unique feature that sets the 45127R boom truck apart from other equipment in this class is its 360° load chart with- out a front stabilizer. “The Elliott 45127R’s design eliminates the need for a front stabilizer, thereby boosting productivity by reducing setup time,” says Glazer. Note that if the optional front stabilizer is installed, integral front frame extensions are required.

Performance stars

Crane controls are located in the cab, which includes a deluxe opera- tor’s seat and rotating seated controls. The station is equipped with four pilot-operated control levers, and buyers can select full hydraulic or electric-hydraulic controls when purchasing the crane. “Its full hydraulic controls are beneficial, as they are easier to maintain and give outstanding operator feedback,” Glazer adds.

The operator station also includes a Greer Insight LMI system (see sidebar on page 24), which senses hoist cylinder pressure, boom length, and boom angle with hydraulic function lockout. The display console is equipped with a bar graph showing crane utilization, boom angle, or boom length; a mode-select control for main boom and jib operation; and an anti-two-block with an audio/visual warning and shut-off functions to limit hook-boom point contact. “It has a work-area definition feature to further refine performance,” Glazer says.

The cab equipment also includes lifting capacity and range diagram charts, a boom angle indicator, system pressure and bubble level gauges, and a variable speed throttle. The 12V DC power source, diesel heater, and cup holder enhance operator comfort.

An optional air conditioner, mounted to the rear of the crane cab, lets operators work all day in comfort. 

Other options include tool boxes and bed storage that can accommodate any storage need for tools and work materials. Elliott also offers a hook block for up to eight parts of line to maximize use of the crane.  Additional options include a two-person steel platform, body-mounted hose reels, and hydraulic circuits. 

Accessory packages include a “transmission package,” featuring a jib, bas- ket, and wireless radio remote control that allows operators to get closer to their work while having full control of the machine, and an “oilfield package,” which includes an auxiliary winch, rooster sheave, winch drum rotation indicator, and swing counterweight.

Glazer says the development of the 45127R model stems from Elliott’s dedication to continued expansion into the boom truck market. “The 45127R is a new high-capacity crane in Elliott Equipment’s boom truck line, reflecting our ongoing dedication to serving construction, utility, oil, and gas customers throughout the globe with the best American-made equipment available,” he says. “We have worked closely with our dealers and users to design a crane product that directly responds to the demands of some of the largest crane operators in the U.S. market.”

The new 45127R is available for immediate sale and rental from authorized Elliott distributors worldwide.