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Fast and Easy Crane Folding with Hiab's New Semi-automatic Folding (SAF)

Hiab, part of Cargotec launches semi-automatic folding (SAF) feature for folding and unfolding the crane with a single control level. The new feature makes the crane operation fast and easy for operators when parking the crane in a safe and controlled way. 

"Safety, reliability, durability and ease of use are Hiab's top priorities in product development. Semi-automatic folding represents all of these. The new feature lets the operator fold and unfold the crane using only one single control lever. With SAF, operators can fold the crane or get it ready for use with less effort and risk, even in the most difficult operating conditions," says Hans Ohlsson, Director, Medium Range Cranes, Hiab.  

SAF is automatically included in Crane Tip Control (CTC), a function which is available for a number of HIAB loader cranes with HiPro control system. CTC makes it possible to operate the crane in horizontal and vertical positions, making crane operation much easier compared to operating each cylinder function individually. SAF is also available for purchase as an add-on for X-type knuckleboom cranes with HiPro (without CTC) and for the HiDuo HIAB control systems.

To find out more, head to SAF campaign website.


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