Grayhill’s Touch Encoder Helps Designers Re-imagine the Off-Highway Vehicle User Experience

Grayhill, Inc.’s new Touch Encoder helps off-highway vehicle product development engineers simplify designs for equipment controls. Combining multiple buttons, trackballs, and switches into one product, the Touch Encoder is a great choice for armrest, dashboard, and marine applications, which benefit from the Touch Encoder’s no-look operation, impact resistance, and CAN-bus interface.

Designers use an intuitive tablet development app that lets them personalize multi-touch gestures, generate images, customize the display, and trigger the logic themselves – without needing a software engineer to configure the device!

Key advantages include:

No look operation
Supports multiple configuration options
Easier and less costly to support multiple languages
Supports tap, swipe, and rotation gestures
Consolidates multiple component functionalities
Sealed construction
Impact resistant

For a first look at the stylish and robust new Touch Encoder, with its vivid high resolution screen, view the video. For additional information on the Touch Encoder, view the datasheet here.