Link-Belt Updates 140-Ton Truck Cranes for 2016

link-belt truck crane

This year, new models of the 140-ton HTC-3140 and HTC-3140LB hydraulic truck cranes from Link-Belt Construction Equipment will receive feature upgrades along with emissions updates. The 581-hp carrier engine graduates to EPA 2013 on-highway requirements, and the 250-hp upper engine moves up to off-highway Tier 4 Final. Both models will maintain the twin engine platform.

The highlight of these upgrades is the addition of side-to-side suspension tilt, which can go up to 4 degrees. An auto-lubrication system is a new feature on the upper and carrier frames, and all-temperature hydraulic oil, lubrication, and anti-freeze packages are now standard. Carrier cameras connected to viewing monitors in the cab offer an operator a rear view when backing up or a view of the right side of the carrier when making a right turn.

Additionally, the HTC-3140/LB will include the Link-Belt Pulse featuring telematics; AM/FM radio with Bluetooth in operator's cab; upper cameras that allow the operator to view winch operation and swing; document storage and AM/FM radio in composite driver's cab; halogen daytime running headlights; and LED lighting
Illuminated compartments and controls for night-time operation.

For transportability, the 2016 model HTC-3140 and HTC-3140LB can carrying 6,000 lbs.of counterweight on the back of the truck, as well as with a boom dolly. This means a well-equipped 195 ft. boom “LB” version can carry 32,000 lbs. of counterweight and still achieve transport loading below 20,000 lbs. per axle. The 162-ft. boom version in the same configuration can carry 39,000 lbs. of counterweight and yield the same results.