Self-Contained Wind Sensor can Send Text Alerts


The newest version of the BreezeMessenger self-contained anemometer from Etesian Technologies can alert you with a text message the instant wind speeds exceed safe levels.

Adding to its line of battery-free, wind-powered anemometers, Etesian Technologies has introduced the BreezeMessenger. The new wind sensor can use the Verizon Wireless network to instantly text a warning to critical decision makers when winds exceed specified limits, so that preemptive precautions can be taken.

Applications include safeguarding cranes, aerial work platforms, and construction sites, outdoor staging, tents, and wind turbine systems, among others.

Etesian wireless self-powered anemometers are famously easy to install and maintain. The BreezeMessenger requires only one additional step for set up. It needs to know the phone number to send texts to.

All it takes is placing a call to the BreezeMessenger (yes it has a phone number!) from your cell phone. The BreezeMessenger will text this number if winds reach dangerous speeds.

Company CEO William Stein said, “I haven’t been this excited about a new product offering since introducing our original self-powered wireless wind speed system over 10 years ago. The utility, convenience, and essentially limitless range of the cell network, makes this a powerful tool for all safety managers who must keep track of potentially destructive winds.”

The BreezeMessenger uses the cell-phone network. Data plans start as low as $2.80 per month. Introduction is planned for Q2 2018.