New Crane Rules Place Unexpected Burden on Small Businesses

I have been around, involved with, owned, or operated cranes my whole life. In the early 1960s my dad had a crane rental business. One of my earliest memories is a lesson I learned when I was just six years old—thumbs up means boom up! I had to write that 100 times and present it to my dad for approval after not knowing what he wanted when he stuck his thumb in the air. I have forgotten a lot of things in the ensuing 45 years; that was most definitely not one of them.

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About the Author: 

Chuck Mostert

Chuck Mostert is now the former owner of Mostert Cranes, Prescott Valley, Ariz., a taxicrane rental business. At one time he operated three cranes, but for the last six years has run a single machine. “I’d like to know how other small
crane rental businesses are handling the current conundrum. Please send me your comments and ideas.” Chuck Mostert can be reached at