Wilbert Introduces Large Luffing Crane

Wilbert has officially introduced the WT 1905L luffing crane, which is now the largest luffing crane produced in Europe. Wilbert cranes are exclusively distributed across North America by Eagle West Equipment Inc., Abbotsford, British Columbia, and its dealer network.

Based on more than two decades of experience in the tower crane rental sector and including the consultation of users, Wilbert Turmkrane, which just opened up a new tower crane factory eight months ago, developed a new top class tower crane. As the first member of the new “Heavy Lifter" family, Wilbert presented the luffing jib crane WT 1905L e.tronic. The maximum load capacity at a radius of 82 feet amounts to 176,368 pounds. At 256-foot radius there is still a load capacity of 41,887 pounds available. Compared to the European competition, the WT 1905L e.tronic offers more than 50 percent higher load capacities in the crucial field of medium and long radii. The hoist gear has a maximum speed of 607 foot/minute can lift 70,547 pounds, more than 2,953 feet high, with double rope. Depending on the tower system and jib length used, freestanding tower heights of 230 to 460 feet can be realized.

Designed to meet the high demand for reliability as well as ease of transport and erection, there is an easy to erect mono block tower system that does not exceed a transport width of 10' 7". To reduce the transport height, a pinned connection can be undone at the tip of the jib to separate the unit of sheaves. During transport, all pins for the jib connection remain in sleeves at the height of use. An auxiliary winch integrated in the tower head section eases the connection of the roller block to the jib stay. The proven style of the roller block has been taken from the Wilbert WT 205L e.tronic: the luffing cable can be transported in reaved condition, which speeds up erection. Depending on the erection conditions, the weights of the main components of the WT 1905L e.tronic can be limited to 16.53 tons.

The practical orientation of the tower crane manufacturer can be seen in a number of safety equipment features. All components can be easily reached by means of ladders and platforms during erection. The sheaves in the jib carrying the hoist cable are easily accessible from spacious platforms. In addition, the jib is equipped with two internal catwalks. During operation two load measuring systems offer redundant protection against exceeding the permissible load moment. The luffing gear is equipped with four standard secondary brakes; an additional disc brake for the hoist gear can be installed optionally.

All drives are frequency-controlled and allow a continuous adjustment of the operating speeds, which is standard for all Wilbert tower cranes. The core of the control is placed inside a spacious, fully air-conditioned 20-foot container that protects from dust and weather. All electrical cables carry sockets to ensure fast connections to drives and cab during erection. The cab is also ergonomically designed and can be equipped with air conditioning as an option. As an alternative to the standard cab, Wilbert offers a wide-bodied cab with a lavatory and relaxation area which eases the crane operator's working conditions especially at large heights.

For more details on the Wilbert crane, visit Eagle West Equipment.


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