CTE Celebrates 15 Years with IPAF | Construction News

CTE celebrated 15 years with IPAF on June 6, 2017.  15 years ago CTE had understood the importance of training for a safe use of aerial platforms. At a time of strong market expansion, for CTE it was clear that safety would become important for the AWP diffusion. And so the design and sale of aerial platforms grew together with the spread of a safety culture, signed by IPAF. The launch of the CTE-IPAF training center with qualified trainers has therefore been the first step in the development of this common safety vision.  With great pride today CTE counts over 3,500 operators trained according to IPAF standards!   Tim Whiteman, CEO and Managing Director of IPAF, has said for this special celebration: “We are delighted to have been able to count on the enthusiastic and professional support of CTE for the last 15 years – an association relies on its members for inspiration and support and we have received both from CTE during the last 15 years!”