Magni Telehandlers Moving into U.S. Market

Italian telehandler manufacturer Magni will enter the U.S. market full-force in 2016.

Paramount Equipment, LLC, Union, N.J., is the exclusive importer and master distributor in the U.S. market. The plans are to build a dealer network throughout the country.

Jorge Salas, a degreed engineer who is Magni’s managing director for the Americas, said that Magni intends to bring its full line of telehandler products to the U.S.

The range includes traditional fixed-body telehandlers, the HTH or Heavy Telehandler with maximum capacities from 22,000 lbs. to 99,000 lbs., and maximum lifting heights from 32’10” to 45’11”.

Magni’s lines of rotating telehandlers include the Smart Range, which uses pivoting stabilizers. The four models in this line all have a maximum capacity of 11,000 lbs. and maximum lifting heights that range from 59’0” to 82’0”.

Magni’s four Smart S Range rotating telehandler models have telescopic stabilizers, 11,000-lb. maximum capacity and maximum lifting heights from 68’11” to 82’0”.

The third group of Magni rotating telehandlers, the S Range, uses telescopic stabilizers. The five models in this group have maximum capacities ranging from 11,000 lbs. to 13,000 lbs., and maximum lifting heights from 78’8” to 131’4”.

Salas says that one of Magni’s key features is versatility that improves productivity while reducing the number of machines, operators, spare parts, and maintenance needed in a fleet.

That versatility is provided by a wide range of attachments that let one telehandler do many kinds of work. Among those attachments, he lists winches, work platforms, hooks, tire-handling clamps, buckets, forks, a jib with a winch, cable reels, cylinder handlers, handlers for mining-truck wheel hubs, and concrete buckets.

Companies interested in becoming a Magni dealer in the United States should contact