Oh, Bibi! Self-Leveling Tracked Scissor Lift Rolls Into North America

Photo of Bibi Lift
Photo of Bibi Lift 2

A new self-leveling tracked scissor lift named the Bibi Lift has rolled into North America.

ReachMaster, Kingswood, Texas, is the exclusive North American distributor for the compact, easy-to-operate Italian scissor lift whose adjustable rubber tracks and self-leveling system let it travel on sloping or sloppy ground and set up almost anywhere without outriggers.

ReachMaster says the design presents a safer, more efficient way to get the job done than previously available scissor lifts.

The Bibi 26-BL features 19’4” platform height, 550-lb. capacity (including up to two people), and a 54.7"x28" platform with single-gate entry. For extra outreach, the whole platform can slide forward 2'10" while keeping its full capacity. The Bibi LIft can travel with the platform fully loaded and elevated to 13'5".

According to Stephanie Gunther, key account sales manager for ReachMaster, the Bibi 26-BL is designed for a variety of applications ranging from general rental to construction, landscaping, tree care, park maintenance, window cleaning, building maintenance, vineyard work, solar park installation, agriculture, and many others.

The two crawlers can be adjusted in and out and up and down independently, and the self-leveling system between the chassis and scissor stack keeps the platform level during travel and operation -- unless the operator chooses to tilt the scissor stack as much as 4° to either side in order to get closer to the work.

The bi-leveling chassis can handle side slopes of up to 21° and climb grades as steep as 25°. Gunther says that although the system is a first for North America, the performance of Bibi Lifts working in other parts of the world has well proven its effectiveness.

The machine's dual-power system uses a quiet and reliable 13-hp. Honda iGX390 gasoline engine driving a hydraulic pump, and also has a separate, electrically driven 220V pump that can run on 110V or 220V plug-in power. Both hydraulic pumps are plumbed into the machine's hydraulic system, so either power source can run the machine. The power plant includes a 1kW generator to provide electricity for tools.

Fully proportional controls make operation easy, smooth, and accurate.

Compact size and relatively light weight make the Bibi 26-BL maneuverable on site and easy to transport from job to job. Stowed, it measures just 6'4" long, 4'11" wide, and 8'3" tall with its platform railings up, or 5'4" tall with the railings folded down. It weighs just 4,400 lbs.

The Bibi 26-BL is the tallest unit in a family of nine track-mounted scissor lifts with platform heights from 9'0" to 19'4". 

Watch a video of the Bibi 26-BL at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFNpAJgTF58