TireSocks Launches FaceSocks

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TireSocks Inc. has launched FaceSocks, to help meet industry’s need for effective and comfortable face coverings.

The Englewood, Colorado, company is well known for designing and manufacturing tire covers that help prevent scuffing, absorbent pads that soak up fluid leaks, and many other products for the access and material handling industries.

TireSocks has repurposed part of its manufacturing facility to produce FaceSocks, the newest addition to the company’s product line. 

The driving force behind the development was helping the construction industry meet jobsite requirements for face coverings. In addition, the TireSocks has donated 20% of FaceSocks proceeds to American Red Cross COVID relief efforts.

FaceSocks are non-medical face protection ideal for the construction industry and everyday indoor and outdoor activities, including travel. They are made from two-ply athletic fabric for effective protection and a soft, comfortable fit. For even more comfort, they mount with Velcro straps that connect to each other at the base of the back of the wearer’s head. That eliminates ear loops, which can be painful.  

One size fits all, so users don’t have to stock multiple sizes, and FaceSocks are reusable and can be machine washed.

FaceSocks are available now at the TireSocks website.