Rear-Mounted Elliott 36127R Boom Truck Variation Unveiled

elliott 36127 boom truck

Elliott Equipment Company, Omaha, Neb., announces the new 36127R BoomTruck, a rear-mounted variation of its 36-ton 36127F. Both models feature a 34’5” retracted and 127-foot extended five-section boom with an optional 26-45’ telescopic jib for a maximum vertical reach of 186 feet. With standard features including aluminum treadplate bed wings, internal anti-two block, a full-length subframe, and Elliott’s Dynasmooth controls, the 36127 model is a leader in performance and value in the 35-40 ton boom truck class.


The new 36127R includes Elliott’s 12,800-pound bare-drum pull two-speed planetary winch with a 9,060-pound single line pull and 425 feet of rotation-resistant wire rope. The unit comes standard with a 360° continuous rotation mechanism for increased efficiency. The 36127R is stabilized using two sets of out-and-down outriggers with removable ball socket aluminum pads and a 21’2” fully extended spread. To improve operation in tight spaces, the model also includes a mid-span outriggers and chart.


Customers can decide among a variety of control configurations on the 36127R. The crane comes standard with Elliott’s patented standup Ride-Around Control Console, giving operators a clear view of the load in all positions without the extra cost of a crane cab. The model is also available with all-weather open-seated controls or a full crane cab with optional A/C.


Beyond lifting loads, Elliott’s 36127R also features a wide range of aerial work platforms for positioning people. From gravity-hung and rotating work platforms, to yoke mounted configurations for utility work, Elliott has solutions for virtually every industry. Each platform design mounts onto either the boom tip or the jib tip for a maximum working height of 186’. Elliott’s proportional wireless remote controls with optional LMI give users the precise control and feel needed when working at height.


All Elliott boom trucks are sold and serviced by Elliott’s worldwide distribution network and are backed by Elliott’s exclusive lifetime structural warranty.